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WIM Live events are back!

However, you can still listen to our playlists on Radio WIM.

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Past events


06.05.2023 - Replugged, Vienne

04.02.2023 - Bolena restaurant, Vienne

Soirée Française

Concert de La Camelote
& So French Party

14.10.2022 - Replugged, Vienne

Francophonies in Vienna 2022

11.06.2022 - Freiluft, Vienna

So French Party

06.05.2022 - Replugged, Vienna

04.07.2020 - Blue7Lounge, Klosterneuburg

Fête de l'été feat. Mouth O'matic

28.11.2019 - Reppluged, Vienne

JE T’AIME live@Replugged

Soirée francaise

11.10.2019 - Café francais, Vienne

27.09.2019 - Fania live, Vienne

Anna Torres, France meets Brasil

Tu tires ou tu pointes?

07.07.2019 - Pastis, Vienne

10.05.2019 - Aux Gazelles, Vienne

Soirée francaise feat. GUEM

26.01.2019 - Aux Gazelles, Vienne

Concert de Pandore

And many others...


Outings ideas in Vienna

Due to government decrees, our events were canceled indefinitely.

However, you can listen to our playlists on Radio WIM.

You are an artist
and you wish to play in Vienna

WIM will be glad to help you organizing. Don't hesitate to contact us