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Radio WIM

To continue promoting artists during lockdowns, we decided to start with an Internet radio station.

Radio WIM invites you to discover new artists every day

Do you want to run an advertisement on our webradio?

WIM  offers you a special webradio and website advertising package

  • Website + radio link (duration 3 weeks)
  • 1 banner (970 x 90 px) on the home page of the site
  • 10 30" radio spots broadcast between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. from Monday to Sunday, i.e. 210 broadcasts


for only 199,- €

(Gross rates excluding promotions, special or decreasing discounts)


"Eclosion Programmée" is the very first single from the band Homme, from Villeneuve-Loubet, in which they plunge us into the illusions, distresses and doubts of human nature
human nature



Colombe presents Sous les étoiles, her first album.
The result is just like the artist, bright and captivating.


A folk-rock introspective journey exploring themes as grief, nostalgia
and family bonds in a 90's alt-rock atmosphere.

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